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We are still under development on this our new site - see us still at the old site for a while yet. P.S. Development takes a while - busy playing bowls!

We have put up a site map with link to every page. Specially as we are still working on this it might be easier to find all our pages at our sitemap

Check out our list of Antique Fairs and markets now here Fairs and Markets throughout New Zealand. We have now almost retired but just every now and then we still attend an Antique Fair

Check out the beginnings of alan's new page called The Bindery For all handmade books and allied products. Stock is growing and can be found for sale on Alan's shop on Felt or on Kiwialan on Etsy

We have a section just for Yanny Split - Fibre Artist, showing her past history
in design and competition, her workshops, and what she is working on now.

and we cannot forget a section all about Alan's Jewellery First up is the start of all his wonderful cufflinks made out of old beer caps, old money and old military buttons, and anything else that looks out there! Check it out at Alan's cufflinks or on Alan's shop at Felt and Kiwialan on Etsy and also on Trade Me under objext-de-jour

And Alan still does his Roadshows, for more details go to Alan's Antique Roadshows

Fibre Active: To see the new exhibition go to Fibre Active Check us out on Facebook

To see Alan's jewellery items on Trade Me as a gallery listing - Click Here! Something a bit special!

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