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First up is our old New Zealand coins made into cufflinks. These old coins are cleaned up, and I use a two stage araldite to glue the coins onto a cuff link base. I prefer glue as heat will discolour the coin.Then Ispray with a clear gloss to protect the coin. These coins as you will realise are all old and have been used as currency 1/2D Cufflinks in their old life, so will show signs of wear. We do pick out the best we can though.

1/2D Cufflinks When sold by myself on one of my websites they will be packed into an organza bag, when sold as a wholesale lot you have the choice of the cufflinks being mounted onto a card that has been covered with part of a newspaper/magazine coloured page of advertising or photograph, check out the sample photographs of our cufflinks mounted on a card

So far we have available New Zealand coins of the old halfpenny and penny from 1940 to 1965, the sixpence and shilling from 1947 to 1965, the two cent coin from 1967 tp 1995, and the ten cent coin from 1967 till 2005.

Two cent coin cufflinks More details
Ten cent coin cufflinks More details
Sixpence cufflinks More details.

One shilling coin cufflinks More details
1/2 penny coin cufflinks More details
One penny cufflinks More details.

More Cufflinks Beer bottle tops

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